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The official Sony Polar Challenge web site, please check here for latest news and race developments.

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The Official Sony Polar Challenge Web Site


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Pulse : Ukraines' Premier Marketing Agency




Hag : The best office chairs money can buy!!


Donald Russell


Donald Russell : You've never tasted better guaranteed!


Gaudi Music


Gaudi Music :Creator of fine music and Mp3 download "Polar Storm"



The Clann : Incredible fight display team.

Kettle Chips

Kettle Chips : The UK's favourite handcooked crisips.


Heason Technologies Group


Heason Technologies Group : The Universal answer to power transmission and motion control.



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Wholistic Fitness


Hudson Signs


Hudson signs: Team and sponsor logo printing


Fuzzy Brush


Fuzzy Brush Ltd: Oral hygiene products 



Melaleuca : The Wellness Company


EMCubed - Suppliers of Access fat conversion activity bars.




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Simon's Official Website


The Climb for Tibet mission statement

Focusing on the potential for peace on our planet and encouraging people to carry out climbs, runs or walks as a pilgrimage to watch for the Earth, to raise funds and awareness for arguably one of the most spiritually advanced but threatened countries - Tibet - whose people and culture are being foreshadowed by extinction. We are also continuing to collect peace messages.


Please Visit the Climb For Tibet Website